Weed Golden Ale

A light, fruity, golden colored ale, tasting crisp and clean as the mountain air. Whether you are summiting Mt. Shasta, tending a hop garden, drinking with friends after work, or dancing the night away, we proudly offer our Golden Weed to refresh and enthuse your palate. Peer into the light golden color and allow the aroma of citrus to lure your tastebuds to a chilled glass of this scrumptous Weed ale. With a modest bitterness, the taste left in your mouth is mild and relaxed. Hop flavors are of citrus, due to the low alpha of our Saaz dry hop. Savor the undertones of our quality grain and the clean, dry finish of the low final gravity. At 5% ABV this ale is not a heavy hitter.

24.5 IBU - 5 % ABV

Available in: 12 oz bottles, 12 oz. 6 packs, 24x12oz cases, 5 gallon kegs, and 15.5 gallon kegs.

Also part of our new Mountain Survival Pack (12x12oz), along with our Mountain High IPA and Shastafarian Porter!

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