Skip and Go Naked

Skip & Go Naked (SAGN) 2015: An American take on the Berliner Weisse style, this refreshing, low alcohol beer gets its zing from wheat malt and a small addition of acid-treated barley malt.

ABV: 4.5%  Hops: Perle  IBU: 13



Sour Diesel




Sour Diesel: A high-octane clear (crystal) wheat with rich golden color, the addition of 5# of local honey at the end of the boil bumps up the strength while 15 pounds of dried Rainier cherries soaked for a week in the pre-barrel beer lend additional color and a distinct fruit flavor.  Aging in Napa Valley Cabernet barrels for 6 months with a lactic blend culture yields a rich, tangy finish.

ABV: 8.5% Hops: Perle IBU: 21  

 Stout of Jeffersonjefferson you

Stout of Jefferson: Built for our cold mountain winters, generous use of dark caramel and de-bittered black malts give this beer its rich, roasted flavor.  A week of soaking on toasted oak chips lends a whiskey-like note in the finish; try a pint today!

ABV: 8.5%  Hops: Centennial  IBU:55


Weed's Apple Ale: Built from our Weed Golden Ale and cider made from local apples, this beer finishes on the dry side, with plenty of apple flavor!

ABV: 6%  Hops: Mt. Hood, Liberty  IBU: 12


530/ Mt Shasta Pale Ale

Mt. Shasta Ale (aka 530): A wonderfully complex American pale ale based on ESB malt, this brew was originally created to celebrate and represent our little part of the North State. Fermentation with a Belgian-derived yeast strain gives our Mt. Shasta Ale a delicious fruity edge.

ABV: 5.3%   Hops: Centennial IBU: 53


 Extra-Terrestrial (ET) Weed


A refreshing dark lager with low bitterness and a hint of fresh ginger, this year-round drinker gets its strength from the addition of a bucket of local wildflower honey in the boil.

ABV: 7% Hops: Simcoe IBU: ~15